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  • May 2020

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Reviews/External Vibrators/Vibrators

April 27, 2020

by · PublishedApril 27, 2020

Hot Octopuss Amo rumbly affordable bullet / Tango alternative review

I’m excited AF about the Hot Octopuss Amo bullet, and not just because its black-to-magenta color fade matches my hair. It’s because this rumbly mini-vibe combines some of the best features of my favorite bullets, and it’s a steal…

Articles & features/Banter

April 23, 2020

by · PublishedApril 23, 2020 · Last modifiedApril 24, 2020

5 Things to Know About Nude & Lingerie Modeling Online (Interview with Dekilah)

Modeling has changed drastically in the time of COVID-19. Due to social distancing measures, my former day job (posing nude for art classes) isn’t much of an option anymore. Nor are collaborative photoshoots. Because of these changes, there’s an…

Reviews/External Vibrators/Vibrators

April 22, 2020

by · PublishedApril 22, 2020 · Last modifiedApril 23, 2020

Doxy Die Cast review: wand better than Hitachi!

The Doxy Die Cast is the absolute most powerful wand vibrator I’ve ever tried, dethroning every current iteration of the Hitachi Magic Wand. When I orgasm with the Doxy Die Cast, my pelvic floor has one primary objective: DESTROY….

Dual Stimulator/External Vibrators/Insertable Vibrators/Reviews/Vibrators

April 1, 2020

by · PublishedApril 1, 2020

Review: Love Spun & Tilt-O-Whirl spinning “tongue” rabbit vibrators by Evolved Novelties

Receiving oral while getting penetrated is among the most enjoyable of past-times. I’m no stranger to using sex toys with a partner! So what happens when a vibrator combines both? Evolved Novelties’ Love Spun and Tilt-O-Whirl dual stimulation vibrators…

Bridal Gifts

April 1, 2020

by · PublishedApril 1, 2020 · Last modifiedApril 21, 2020

GIVEAWAY TIME: Win a Blush Novelties Wellness G Ball vibrator!

Hey, dear readers! This month, Luvoqa and I giving away a Blush Novelties Wellness G Ball, a delightfully unique G-spot vibrator with a curvilinear flickering bead in the head. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate their 10% off sale…

Latex Outfits /Dildos

March 27, 2020

by · PublishedMarch 27, 2020 · Last modifiedMarch 28, 2020

Hole Punch Toys Mother Interior silicone nun dildo review

Would you rather fuck a dildo-sized nun or a nun-sized dildo? Hell had never felt so heavenly until the Hole Punch Toys Mother Interior. If you’re looking to get fucked hard in the land of gods and monsters, this…

Reviews/External Vibrators/Vibrators

March 24, 2020

by · PublishedMarch 24, 2020 · Last modifiedApril 19, 2020

Review: Lealso 10-Setting Tongue-Shaped Clitoral Vibrator via BestVibe

I was truly a sex toy scavenger when I first started collecting them. Any way to get sex toys for cheap or free, I did: buying used (and disinfected) toys from fellow reviewers, pro-domming, stacking coupons and deals— you…

Articles & features/Dildos/Dual Stimulator/Everything else/External Vibrators/Insertable Vibrators/Lists/Reviews/Vibrators

March 22, 2020

by · PublishedMarch 22, 2020 · Last modifiedApril 21, 2020

New Sensations: 8 Unique Sex Toys to Try in 2020

Dildos have been around for practically forever — at least 28,000 years. Early vibrators originated as medical devices in the 1700s. Since then, new sex toys have come a long way in material safety, technology, and creativity. For those…

Lists/Dildos/Everything else/Insertable Vibrators/Reviews/Vibrators

March 20, 2020

by · PublishedMarch 20, 2020

Review: BMS Naked Addiction & XR Thump It self-thrusting realistic dildos

It’s the “I can’t stop coming” kind of dildo that I’d set aside time to use all night. I’ve reviewed many self-thrusting dildos, but until now, none were especially squishy or realistic. That’s where BMS Factory’s Naked Addiction 9″…

Nipple Bondage /External Vibrators/Insertable Vibrators/Lists/Vibrators

March 8, 2020

by · PublishedMarch 8, 2020

Satisfyer Sweet Treat, Yummy Sunshine, and Charming Smile Vibrator Mini-Reviews

If you’re looking for affordable and body-safe sex toys, you can’t ignore Satisfyer vibes! They’re cheap, they’re cute, and they come in a range of colors, from pale lilac to a buttercream yellow (fittingly named Yummy Sunshine). The latest…

Guides/Articles & features/Sex Ed

February 26, 2020

by · PublishedFebruary 26, 2020 · Last modifiedApril 21, 2020

How to Have Clean Anal Sex: 4 Considerations

Shit happens. We all know that the anus’s primary purpose is that of an exit. Understandably, cleanliness is among the biggest concerns about anal sex. It’s only second to perhaps picking the best beginner butt toys for comfort. When…

Banter/Articles & features

February 19, 2020

by · PublishedFebruary 19, 2020 · Last modifiedFebruary 21, 2020

The Polite Way to Break Up (With Your Therapist)

It’s not easy to share your darkest thoughts with someone and trust that they’ll understand — let alone advise with a harmonious balance between acceptance and growth. And when a therapist doesn’t hear you out, it takes only a…


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