cbd skincare oil of oh yay

  • April 2020

CBD Skincare: Oil of Oh-Yay?

By Amy Glor

Ugh. Skincare products. So many buzzwords.

Nourishing. Hydrating. Radiant, youthful, healthy glow.

I mean, yeah, I want to get rid of the “under-eye circles” and “fine lines and wrinkles” as much as the next GenXr, but c’mon. The beauty mags start blathering about “barrier function,” and “basal cell regeneration,” and my brain just instinctively tunes out (and turns on a rerun ofFriends.) CBD oil for Dogs

But I gotta admit, I’ve been curious about exactly all the CBD oil hype lately. I gotta know: How does it combat traditional beauty nemeses like acne, rosacea, eczema, and that old heartbreaker, psoriasis? The last time science came up with anything that actually worked to defeat these party poopers, I was shaking my side-ponytail at a Wham! concert. (Oh, the humanity. The 80s were not pretty.)

And the stuff all the dermatologists were prescribing back then—aka RetinA—did as little for a girl’s social life as parachute pants and blue mascara, because it simply replaced zits with dry, red, flaky patches. (Not to mention you totally couldn’t work on your tan anymore, because the sun and the steroids in retinol don’t mix. Lame.)

Enter the new-fangled CBD oil craze.

I keep hearing that products made with it really reduce inflammation, so you look like you’ve actually slept since your kids were born (as if.) Plus, it doesn’t have steroids in it, so MTV Pool Party is back on the table.

It sounds too good to be true. Like Jake Ryan. Or Olestra.

Except itistrue. Here’s how:

Anyway, it all seems pretty bitchin’…I guess the kids these days are onto something with their buzz-free cannabis. (Even though they’re wasting a perfectly good chance to par-tay, if you ask me.)

Now, if you’ll pardon, I gotta jet: There’s a90210marathon on cable and I have some popcorn the microwave.

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